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Don't we all just love our phones? From having it as that one constant that stays with us 24*7 to sharing every moment together this relation can make even our loved ones envy! Turn this thing of envy into your way to make your loved one smile, and make them feel all the love with their OWN PERSONALISED APP! Stump them with the most precious and unexpected surprise on their phone as they go through thoughtful games personalised just for them only to be pampered with all your messages and memorable images!

What's Included :
- A personalized app for your loved one

Details of the App :
- There will be a main screen with the picture of the person and a wish for them
- There will be a hidden message board. Each picture will reveal a message from a friend only after a question has been answered correctly. Once the question has been answered, the message will remain unlocked and the picture will change
- You can add upto 8 text/video messages along with 1 picture for each person
- APP name and icon can be customised
- You can add 1 picture and wish/mini text message for the main screen

General Specifications :
- Please book the APP atleast 4 days in advance
- Booking subject to availability.Please read the terms and conditions of the website
- All prices inclusive of GST

Add ons :
- Express Delivery can be availed in 24 hours of complete data submission at an extra cost of Rs.250/-

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