Be the Bond!

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The names Bond. James Bond! Be it the classic Bond, or the new age spy films the enigma and style of being an agent gets to us all! It's now your turn to be the greatest agent that ever lived and solve mysterious cases in an enthralling and realistic setting with your own squad of loved ones for the most exciting and fun experience! Make a special someone on your squad feel on top of the world with a whole bunch of sweet surprises along the way just for them as they solve the case only to find out how much you care about them! This is literally the complete package with thrill of the game, the excitement of surprise and the company of best people!

What's Included :
- 5 pop balloons with messages inside from your friends/family during the game
- A box of cupcakes during the game
- A handwritten scroll in Calligraphy

Specifications :
- The cost of playing the game will be charged extra as per actuals
The surprises will be come in between the game
Please ensure booking atleast 3 days in advance
- Booking subject to availability.Please read the terms and conditions of the website
- All prices inclusive of GST

Add ons :
- A special cake cutting session in the lounge for Rs 2000 (including cake)

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